Solo Diesel Misfuelling Fuel Caps 


SoloDiesel is a unique, patented solution to protect your diesel powered vehicle from being filled with the wrong fuel.

In the past, there have been several attempts to solve misfueling. Only SoloDiesel provides a physical barrier to prevent this problem.


SoloDiesel is a replacement fuel cap that physically prevents the narrower diameter petrol nozzle entering into the wider diesel fuel aperture.

This applies to the UK, Ireland and Europe, where the petrol fuel nozzle has a 21 mm diameter and the diesel fuel nozzle has a 25 mm diameter as standard, i.e. Standard EN 13012.


Once fitted to your filler neck, SoloDiesel becomes your permanent guard against misfueling. You can finally lose

your fear of misfueling ever again!


SoloDiesel is a capless device - just insert the fuel nozzle into the aperture for easy and faster refueling.

No need to use your existing fuel cap as the SoloDiesel has an integrated flap which closes after refueling automatically.

Intergrated flap that closes automatically after refueling  

   Protects your diesel powered vehicle

   from being misfueled by stopping the

   narrower petrol nozzle.

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